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All-Time Favorites: Yotsuba&!

Yotsuba&! is a manga about the adventures of a 5 year old girl. It is also one of the cutest and funniest things you can ever read.

Yotsuba means “four leaves” and usually refers to four leaf clover. Fitting her name, the titular Yotsuba has green hair always tied in four pigtails. The & in the title refers to the individual chapters, which are almost always titled “Yotsuba &  _____“.

The series has no overarching plot but instead focuses on Yotsuba’s daily escapades around the neighborhood. While she shares a normal five year old’s energy and imagination, Yotsuba is strange in many ways, lacking any knowledge of things such as zoos, swings, or doorbells. She often drags others with her on her adventures (willingly or unwillingly), and their attempts to explain often increase her confusion, rather than diminish it. Ever determined, Yotsuba turns these misunderstandings into adventures and embodies the series’s often stated theme: Enjoy Everything.

This is where the true fun of the series comes in. Yotsuba’s indomitable enthusiasm for everything she undertakes and her unbridled joy at even the smallest victories shows the bliss of being a child, of discovering something new every day. Yotsuba&! holds the distinction of being one of the few books that can make me laugh out loud (not just a chuckle, but a real laugh). I could go on and on, but it’d only spoil the fun of reading it for yourself.

The series is still continuing in Dengeki Daioh magazine, eight volumes have been collected and release in Japan, and five of those have been translated into English. The English licence had sat idle for over a year, but a new translation company has picked it up and is planning to release Volume 6 this month.


  1. September 6, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Did you like the book series? lol. Also, did you like the card?

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