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Majesty 2 Demo

Majesty 2 is an real-time strategy game, sort of. While you collect resources and build buildings like normal, you have no direct control over your units. Instead you place flags with bounties, creating objectives for your heroes. Each hero has his or her own personality (rangers like to explore, warriors prefer to fight, &c.) and they decide for themselves whether or not the payoff is worth the risk. The demo contains two maps, one is a tutorial map that teaches you the basics and the other is a survival map that has you fighting against ever increasing enemies.

First, a little more about the game. You can assist your heroes buy building markets that sell potions and smithies for armor and weapons. The heroes pocket the money they make adventuring, then spend it on items to make themselves stronger. The money in the markets then returns to you buy way of taxes, collected from all buildings under your control. That’s not to say that you have no way to directly influence the battlefield. You also gain access to various spells that can deal damage or heal heroes, among other things.

Additionally, the game comes with a healthy does of character. Heroes and peasants alike comment to themselves as they go about their business, and your advisor speaks in a rather outrageous Scottish accent. The mission descriptions are also well written, with a bit of rambling and just enough non sequitur to remind me of Monty Python.

As for the demo itself, I think it has some good points and weak points. The first tutorial mission is a given, and does a good job introducing each concept one at a time. The second mission, however, is an interesting choice. On one hand, mission gives you access to all the buildings in the game, a nice touch. On the other hand, the mission is quite hectic and unforgiving. From the general feeling of the game, along what I’ve read on the game’s site, the main campaign will be less frantic and have a more forgiving difficulty curve.

Despite the rather frustrating mission choice in the demo, the character and interesting gameplay were enough to make me want to look into the game further. The indirect nature of the game conveniently counteracts my inability to micromanage several groups of units like most RTS games require.

You can find the demo here.

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