What is Otakuben?

Otakuben is blog about games digital and otherwise, Japanese culture, and other geeky stuff.

What does Otakuben mean?

Otakuben is the romanizaton of the (fake) Japanese word おたく弁. Otaku is Japanese slang for people who are obsessed with something, especially the ones who go a little overboard. Otaku are usually interested in games, manga, and anime, but some could be an otaku in any hobby, such as model trains or baseball. The suffix -ben is used to denote a dialect or accent, so Otakuben could be translated as the geek dialect.

Who writes all this crap?

That would be me. I’m Colin Ahlfeld, a computer engineer (that’s what my diploma tells me) who is putting his degree to good use teaching English in a Japanese elementary school. I’ve lived in Japan since August 2009 and can no longer be suprised by anything they do here.

email: sasayan.otakuben@gmail.com

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