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August 26, 2009 8 comments

I just finished watching K-On!, an anime about high school girls who start a band. The show is well produced, and the songs the girls play stick in your head almost immediately. Most of the characters are based on common anime stereotypes (clumsy and air-headed, rich but sheltered), but are generally fleshed out enough by the story to escape being mere cookie cutter characters. The artists have taken the time to give each of the girls a real instrument, which is always a nice touch. The anime is based on a 4-panel manga, so the story is primarily character driven, with a handful of the 13 episodes that directly connect to each other.

I enjoyed K-On! and hope that the anime will continue with a second or third season to finish out the girl’s journey through high school. It seems to be pretty popular as well, I’ve seen several bags and t-shirts on the trains and the K-On CDs have been at the front of music stores for several months now. I’d like to buy a few, but I just can’t justify paying $12 for two tracks per CD.

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